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Welcome to 7/8 grade science website 

If you have Any questions or concerns you can contact Mr.Lee at

The Science Fair Due Dates Below  

Science Fair Project Problems Due 10/20/16

Research Due 11/10/16 

Write your hypothesis 11/18/16

Gather all of your materials 12/15/16

Determine the steps 12/5/16

Complete your procedure 12/16/16

Find results and data 12/16/16

Conclusion 1/6/17

(only county people) Complete your abstract 1/9/16

( the project is due January 26th when you walk in the door)

Make labels for each step(Problem,hypothesis,procedure, materials, data, results and conclusions) 
Each section for your science fair board comes from your journal 

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This page replaces my previous school notes page.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact me.

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